Review Policy

Never having written a blog before, except a few short-term ones created specifically to share holiday tales with family and friends, I have, of course, been doing some reading as I work on The Eclectic Bookwyrm. One thing I’ve seen a few times now is a recommendation that anyone posting reviews takes the time to make his or her review policy explicit. I probably wouldn’t have thought of that independently, but it does make a lot of sense. I’m trying to be clear in my own mind about what I’m doing here, and there’s no better path to clarity than sharing your ideas with others.

So, here goes.

My aim on this blog is to review books I have read myself and loved. These are the books I go out and buy because I want to have them on my shelf, where I can see them and flick through them whenever I want to. They’re the books I try to persuade family and friends to read, both because I want to share their awesomeness and because I want to talk about them with other people who love them too. They might be old or new, public domain or newly published, dated or timeless – but they’re all books that I treasure.

In short: Every book I review on this site will be one I recommend, which is why I’ll be tagging my review posts as ‘Book Recommendations.’

Of course, not every book I read will make it here, so don’t expect to see reviews of books I’ve tossed on the Did Not Finish pile, or books that were just okay, or even books that I would classify as ‘good, but not very memorable.’ For this reason, while I’m more than happy to receive suggestions for books I should read, I’ll only review those books if I love them enough to truly recommend them.

I should also note that where applicable I will be setting up affiliate links for the titles I recommend. This basically means that if someone reads my review, wants to buy the book I’ve discussed, clicks the link through to Book Depository, and makes a purchase, I earn a small commission. Commissions aren’t the purpose of my reviews – more than anything, what I want to do is share my enthusiasm with other readers – but they’ll help me to defray the costs of paying for web hosting, and might even add up to an extra book for my personal library occasionally. Where there’s a legitimate free source for a book (such as Project Gutenberg or Librivox), I’ll also pop in a link to that. After all, who doesn’t love free books?